Romantic Spanish Phrases


YOU don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to seduce your sweetheart with romantic Spanish phrases. You can speak the language of love any day!

The first thing you have to know how to say is I love you in Spanish. You can give your heart with just two little words –  te amo. You can also say te quiero. (There is a difference. Click here to read about it: I love you in Spanish and I love you in Spanish, another way.)

Romantic Spanish Phrases

I’m crazy about you – Estoy loco por ti

You enchant me – Me encantas

My love – Amor mío

I’ll be dreaming of you – Voy a soñar contigo

You smell delicious – Hueles rico

You have a beautiful smileTu sonrisa es bella

Romantic Spanish phrases

I love you and only you – Te quiero a ti y solamente a ti

I’m in love with you – Estoy enamorado(-a) de ti

You are the sun in my sky – Tu eres el sol en mi cielo

In you I found love – En ti encontre el amor

You’re what I’ve always dreamed of – Eres lo que siempre soñe

You are the love of my life – Eres el amor de mi vida