How to Say Thank You in Different Languages ~ (Audio)

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These may not be a million thanks, but it is a list of how to say thank you in different languages.

Edited: Now with audio. Scroll down!

Chinese – 谢谢 (xièxiè) shee-shee-eh

Czech – děkuji jeh-koi-yeh

Danish – tak tahk

Dutch – dank u dahnk oo; bedankt bi-dahnkt

French – merci mare-see

German – danke dahn-kuh; vielen dank fee-lehn dahnk

Greek – σας ευχαριστώ (sas efcharistó) sahs eff-hah-rih-stoh

Italiangrazie grah-tzee-eh

Japanese – ありがとう (arigatō) ah-ree-gah-toh

Norwegian – takk tah-k

Portuguese – obrigado oh-bree-gah-doh

Russian – спасибо (spasibo) spah-see-buh

Spanish – gracias grah-syas

Swedish – tack tahk

How Do You Say Thank You in Spanish?


LEARNING how to say thank you in Spanish is one of the most useful expressions you can add to your Spanish language skills. Who likes an ingrate, right? No one.

To say thank you in Spanish, you say Gracias. Gracias (pronounced grah-syas) is the plural of the word gracia, whose definitions range from grace to joke. Curious, isn’t it?

If you are very grateful, you can say muchas gracias. Muchas (pronounced moo-chahs) means a lot, many, much. So muchas gracias means thank you very much or many thanks. Even more grateful? You can say muchísimas gracias (pronounced moo-chee-see-mahss) or un millon de gracias (pronounced oon mee-yon deh grah-syas), which literally translates into a million thanks.

A Girl and Her Friends Smile During a March

Another way to say thank you in Spanish is a bit more of a tongue twister. Let’s say you are grateful for someone’s help – perhaps they saved you from hours of going in circles looking for that little out-of-the-way bar in Barcelona you heard so much about. You could say Le agradezco su ayuda I am grateful to you for your help. Le (leh) is you formal, which is proper to use when addressing a stranger. Agradezco (ah-grah-des-koh or, since we’re pretending to be in Spain, ah-grah-deth-koh, pronouncing the ‘z’ as if you have a lisp) is the first person conjugation of agradecer, the infinitive form and meaning to appreciate, to be grateful for. Su (soo) means your (formal). And ayuda (ah-yoo-dah) means help.

Don’t worry if you don’t dare to try that out when you need to say thank you in Spanish. A simple gracias – and a smile – will do!



Thank You in Spanish


TO say thank you in Spanish you simply say Gracias.


thank you very much in Spanish

Thank you very much in Spanish is Muchas gracias.

Muchas graciasmoo-chahs grah-syas

Another way to say thank you very much in Spanish is Muchisimas gracias.

Muchísimas gracias – moo-chee-see-mahs grah-syas