Dictionary in Spanish – A Must-Have When Learning Spanish


SO you have decided to learn Spanish. Great choice! Spanish is spoken widely and if you live in places like New York, South Florida, Texas or California, being able to communicate in Spanish gives you an edge when it comes to business or getting a job. One thing you will definitely need and make a lot of use of is a dictionary in Spanish.

In fact, it is so essential, I suggest getting two Spanish dictionaries!

You will want one you that is portable, small enough to tuck into a purse or briefcase or back pocket even. Here are some great choices for Spanish dictionaries and reference books.

Spanish dictionary

Then you will want a substantial, authoritative dictionary in Spanish for home. Here are some good choices for a larger desk dictionary in Spanish.

Another must-have is a verb book. My favorite isĀ 501 Spanish Verbs: with CD-ROM (Barron’s Foreign Language Guides).

And in case you are wondering – since you probably don’t have a Spanish dictionary yet – the word for dictionary in Spanish is diccionario, pronounced deek-syo-nah-ree-oh.