How to Say Goodbye in Russian


Goodbye in Russian is До свидания (do svidanya), which is pronounced dah svi-dah-ni-yah.

The Russian phrase translates to until (next) meeting. This is a polite and formal way of saying goodbye that is appropriate to say to anyone.

But if you want to say goodbye in Russian informally, you just say пока (poka), pronounced pah-kah. This is very casual and should only be used among friends and family.

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How to Say Thank You in Russian


How to say thank you in Russian is easy:

спасибо (spasibo) spah-see-buh

(The transliteration from the Russian Cyrillic has an “o” at the end, which is accurate. But the sound of a Russian “o” in an unstressed syllable is like “ah” or “uh.”)

The Russian language has formal and informal forms. While spasibo is the informal word for thank you in Russian, in this case you can use this without fear of being impolite.

If you feel brave enough – and you are thankful enough – you can add to this and say: oгромное спасибо (ogromnoye spasibo). Pronounced ah-grohm-neh spah-see-buh, this literally means huge thank you, the Russian way of saying thank you very much.

A formal way to express gratitude is with the Russian phrase Благодарю вас (blagodaryu vas). This is pronounced blah-gah-dah-ryu vahss.

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