How Do You Say I Miss You in Spanish?


SO your Spanish sweetheart is away visiting family in her home land? You miss her, of course, but how do you let her know? Learn how to tell her I miss you in Spanish.

It’s easy. Say Te extraño. Pronounced teh ex-trahn-nyo, te stands for you and extraño for first person of the verb extrañar, the infinitive form of the verb meaning to miss.

If you miss her very much, and I’m sure you do, you could add the word mucho (pronounced moo-choh) to the phrase – Te extraño mucho. I miss you very much.

Extrañar, by the way, also means to surprise, to wonder, as in That surprises me – Eso me extraña.

I miss you in Spanish

Now that you know how to say I miss you in Spanish, brush up on some lovey things to say when she gets back. See how to say I love you in Spanish and Spanish love phrases.

Spanish Love Phrases


SO you have a Spanish-speaking sweetheart. What better way to declare your devotion than by having a few Spanish love phrases up your sleeve?

The most obvious love phrase to learn is Spanish for I love youte amo.

Here are some more romantic Spanish love words for when the mood strikes you:

You make me happy – Me haces feliz

I adore you – Te adoro

I miss you – Te extraño

I need you – Te necesitoSpanish Love Words

I love you with all my heart – Te amo con todo mi corazon

You are the love of my life – Eres el amor de mi vida

I can’t live without you – No puedo vivir sin ti

You are so beautiful – Tu eres tan bella

You are so handsome – Tu eres tan hermoso

You drive me crazy – Me vuelves loco (or loca)

Kiss me – Bésame

Some common terms of endearment in Spanish. It may sound funny to say if you think about the words ‘I love you, my heaven’ in English, but in Spanish, it works. Te amo, mi cielo

Darling – querida

My love – mi amor

My life – mi vida

My heaven/sky – mi cielo

My treasure – mi tesoro

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I Miss You in Spanish


IT is easy to say I miss you in Spanish. You just say Te extraño.

I miss you in Spanish

Te extraño is pronounced teh eks-trahn-nyo

Now you know how to say I miss you in Spanish.