French for Love ~ (Audio)


THEY say French is the language of love, so let’s learn what the word is in French for love.

French for love is amour. Ah-moor
L'Amour sous le Parapluie

Amour is a funny word when it comes to gender. In singular form it is masculine, so to say, for example, “it is a crazy love,” you’d say c’est un amour fou. In plural usage, however, amour is feminine, so “forgotten loves” translates into des amours oubliées. (The extra “e” in oubliées makes it feminine. You will be familiar with this in words commonly used in English – fiancé, for an engaged man, and fiancée for an engaged woman.)

Click below to hear the word for love in French pronounced by a native speaker.


So now you know what is French for love!