How to Say Dad in Different Languages

Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Other, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh

In America, he can be pa, pop or daddy. Ever wonder what people in other countries call their dear old dads? Find out in this list of how to say dad in different languages.

Chinese – bà (爸)
Danish – far
Dutch – pa
Finnish – isä
French – papa
German – papa
Greek – bampás (μπαμπάς)
Icelandic – pabbi
Irish – daidí
Italian – papà
Japanese – Otōsan (お父さん)
Norwegian – pappa
Portuguese – pai
Russian – papa (папа)
Spanish – papá
Swedish – pappa
Vietnamese – cha
Welsh – dad

Need a more formal word? Learn how to say father in different languages.

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