How to Say Cheers in Different Languages

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Raise a glass and learn how to say cheers in different languages!

Chinese – Gānbēi (干杯)
Czech – Na zdraví
Danish – Skål
Dutch – Proost
Finnish – Kippis
French – À votre santé (or just santé)
German – Prost

Cheers Around the World

Greek – Sti̱n ygeiá sas (στην υγειά σας)
Icelandic – Skál
Irish – Sláinte
Italian – Cin cin
Japanese – Kanpai (乾杯)
Norwegian – Skål
Portuguese – Saúde
Russian – Za zdarovye (за здоровье)
Spanish – Salud
Swedish – Skål
Welsh – Iechyd da

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