Happy Easter in Spanish ~ (Audio)


EASTER is an important holiday to many Latinos, so it’s a good idea to know how to wish someone Happy Easter in Spanish.

Happy Easter – Feliz Pascua

Feliz – pronounced feh-leess – means happy. Click the triangles to hear how to say happy in a typical Spanish accent:or in parts of Spain: (forvo.com)

Pascua – pronounced pah-skwah – means Easter. Click the triangle to hear how to say Easter in Spanish. (forvo.com)

Happy easter in Spanish

Now you know how to say Happy Easter in Spanish.


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Easter in Spanish


Easter is arguably the most significant holiday in the Spanish-speaking world. Learn how to say Easter in Spanish – as well as a few other words that relate to the holiday.

Holy Week — which runs from Palm Sunday to Easter and includes Good Friday — is a time of celebration across all of Latin America and, of course, Spain.

However, many people in Spain do not use Feliz Pascua or Felices Pascuas (the Spanish phrase for Happy Easter) to refer to Easter at all because it is supposed to be a time of reflection or repentance.

In fact, some people in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries use Felices Pascuas during the Christmas season. Adding to the confusion, sometimes Felices Pascuas is said at Christmastime instead of Feliz Navidad while Feliz Pascua is said during Holy Week. Or maybe not! It all depends, so ask your Spanish-speaking friends what they use before wishing them Happy Easter in Spanish.


Easter Terms to Learn in Spanish

Palm Sunday — el Domingo de Ramos (ehl doh-MEEN-goh deh RAH-mos)

Good Friday — el Viernes Santo (ehl BYEHR-nehss SAHN-toh)

Easter day — la Pascua de Resurrección (lah PAH-skwah deh reh-soo-rek-SYON)

Holy Week — Semana Santa (seh-MAH-nah SAHN-tah)

So that’s probably all you’ll ever need to know about saying Easter in Spanish.

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How to Say Happy Easter in Spanish


Easter is an important holiday for many people in the Spanish-speaking world, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To say Happy Easter in Spanish, you can say Feliz Pascua or Felices Pascuas. Different regions will use one or the other, and it is not unusual to hear both being said in the same area! Feliz means happy and pascua is the term for the resurrection.

Feliz is pronounced feh-LEESS
Pascua is pronounced PAH-skwah

Note that the capitalized syllable is stressed.

If you use the other expression, pronounce felices as feh-LEE-sehss and pascuas as PAH-skwahss.

Now you know how to say Happy Easter in Spanish!