How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Spanish?


IF you have an amigo or amiga whose birthday is coming up, it is not a bad idea at all to learn how to say happy birthday in Spanish.

You can wish your Spanish-speaking friend happy birthday by saying feliz cumpleaños.

Feliz stands for happy. You can see this Spanish word in the English word ‘felicity’, which means intense happiness. Both have their root in Latin, from felix which means happy or fortunate.

Cumpleaños is the Spanish word for birthday. Cumple comes from the verb cumplir, which is the infinitive form and has numerous meanings, including to fulfill, to serve, to carry out and to achieve. Años literally means years. So cumpleaños is kind of like saying that a person fulfilled a year, achieved another year. What a wonderful way of expressing it!

Feliz is pronounced feh-leess. The letter ‘z’ in Spanish is always pronounced like the letter ‘s’ – always. (So Jennifer Lopez? Her last name is not pronounced Loh-pez, like a low pez dispenser. In Spanish, the accent is actually on the first syllable: Ló-pes. . . Yeah, I prefer Loh-pez, too! But now you know.)Feliz Cumpleanos on Sombrero

Cumpleaños is pronounced koom-pleh-ah-nyos.

Now that you know how to say happy birthday in Spanish, there’s just one more thing. If you choose to write it in a card, note that in Spanish an exclamatory phrase – one with an exclamation point or screamer at the end – also starts with an exclamation point. An upside down exclamation point. I love this! Then when you’re reading you know right away before getting to the first word that something exciting is coming up.