I Love You in Greek ~ (Audio)


TO say I love you in Greek, say se agapo. This is pronounced seh ah-gah-poh.

Or you could abbreviate a bit and say s’agapoS’agapo is pronounced sah-gah-poh.

Written in the Greek alphabet it looks like this: Σε αγαπώ or Σ’αγαπώ. Here is how to write it in Greek using all lower case letters: σε αγαπώ or σ’αγαπώ).

Scroll down to hear how to say I love in you in Greek.

Enjoying View from Cliff Top, Santorini, Greece, Dave Bartruff

A couple enjoys the view in Santorini, Greece


Now you know how to say and write I love you in Greek!


Image: Allposters.com