The Greek Alphabet Letters


You probably know that the English word alphabet comes from the first two Greek alphabet lettersalpha and beta. Let’s learn the rest of them. There are 24 Greek letters in all.

Α α – alpha

Β β – beta

Γ γ – gamma

Δ δ – delta

Ε ε – epsilon

Ζ ζ – zeta

Η η – eta

Θ θ – theta

Ι ι – iota

Κ κ – kappa

Λ λ – lambda

Μ μ – mu

Ν ν – nu

Ξ ξ – xi

Ο ο – omicron

Π π – pi

Ρ ρ – rho

Σ σ – sigma (ς is used to represent sigma if it falls at the end of a word)

Τ τ – tau

Υ υ – upsilon

Φ φ – phi

Χ χ – chi

Ψ ψ – psi

Ω ω – omega

If you need to type in this beautiful-looking, ancient language, a few free Greek alphabet fonts are available online for download.