IN your efforts to learn Spanish, it’s a great idea to supplement a school course with Spanish language software. And if you are not taking a class, many of these programs are perfect for comprehensive home study.

Spanish Language Software

* Possibly the most well known language learning program is Rosetta Stone. It is easy to use and teaches Spanish by immersing you in the language. Instead of telling you that “la mujer” means “the woman,” Rosetta will show you an image of a woman along with the Spanish word. It also features speech recognition, meaning you can practice Spanish and get instant feedback on your pronunciation.

On the downside, some users have said they would have liked some specific instruction on sentence structure and grammar.


* You may not have heard of Fluenz, but this language learning system earns high marks with users. For someone wanting to learn Spanish fast for a trip or job, Fluenz is for you. Off the bat, you learn words and phrases in Spanish geared toward the business person or tourist. Yet, Fluenz has a full course study to help you master Spanish. Its interactive program is like having a tutor in your house. And it also records your voice to help you perfect your Spanish. It’s geared to adults who learn better with clear explanations.

Spanish Language Software

The only negative is that it does not offer internet resources or mp3 player compatibility. However, these options are in the works.


* Tell Me More Spanish is comparable to Fluenz in that it is comprehensive and teaches you not only vocabulary, but grammar, conversation skills, and all aspects of language learning. It is feature-packed, fun to use, and has speech recognition function. You can also put lessons on to an mp3 player.

It’s a fantastic Spanish language software program, but if you’re a Mac, go with Fluenz – Tell Me More Spanish is for PC only.


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