IT’S tough to learn a foreign language such as Spanish, but there are some great tools that can make it easier. One of my favorites are flashcards. Spanish flashcards are perfect both for the beginner and for the more advanced student. After all, at whatever level you are at, you will always come across unfamiliar vocabulary.

Flashcards are small cards with a foreign language term on one side and its meaning on the other. Their portable size means you can carry twenty to thirty cards with you in your purse or briefcase and test yourself whenever you get a few minutes. Some flashcards even small enough that you can pack a few in your wallet.


Berlitz Spanish Vocabulary Study Cards (Berlitz Study Cards) (Spanish Edition)

There are flashcards for learning vocabulary words, for learning phrases, for learning grammar. Some include a picture with each word to aid with memorization and phonetic pronunciation guide, some include sample sentences, and others include just the basics. Often they are organized by categories such as food, numbers, work, travel and so on. So if you’re traveling you can choose the travel and food cards to help you get your message across while you are on your trip.

Check out this selection of Spanish flashcards to choose from. They’re an inexpensive, easy and fun way to build your Spanish language skills.

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