Spanish Love Words


WITH its lyrical and sexy sound, Spanish can easily be considered the language of love. Turn up the heat with your señor or señorita by learning some Spanish love words.

Spanish Love Words

love – el amor

kiss – un beso

affection – cariño

boyfriend – novio

girlfriend – novia

romantic – romántico

heart – corazón

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in love – enamorado(a)

to hug – abrazar

to dance – bailar

to kiss – besar

passion – pasión

lover – amante

make love – hacer el amor

Now you know some Spanish love words! But if you are interested, click here to learn some French love words, too. Ooh-la-la!

How to Count to Ten in Greek



Here’s how to count to ten in Greek:

1. one — ένα ( éh-nah)
2. two — δύο (thée-oh)
3. three — τρία (trée-ah)
4. four — τέσσερα (téss-a-rah)
5. five — πέντε (pén-deh)
6. six — έξι (éh-xee)
7. seven — επτά (ep-táh)
8. eight — οκτώ (ok-tóh)
9. nine — εννέα (en-éh-ah)
10. ten — δέκα (thé-kah)


Bonus number: zero — μηδέν (mee-thén)


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How to Say Goodbye in Russian


Goodbye in Russian is До свидания (do svidanya), which is pronounced dah svi-dah-ni-yah.

The Russian phrase translates to until (next) meeting. This is a polite and formal way of saying goodbye that is appropriate to say to anyone.

But if you want to say goodbye in Russian informally, you just say пока (poka), pronounced pah-kah. This is very casual and should only be used among friends and family.

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I Love You in Italian


TO say I love you in Italian, say Ti amo.

Ti amo is pronounced tee ah-moh.

Now you know how to say I love you in Italian.