Goodbye in Spanish


THE easiest way to say goodbye in spanish is to say adiós.

Adiós is pronounced ah-dyos

Other ways of saying goodbye:

Hasta luego

Hasta pronto

Hasta mañana

Now you know several ways to say goodbye in Spanish.



Hello in Spanish


THE easiest way to say hello in Spanish is to say Hola.

Hola is pronounced oh-lah. (The letter ‘h’ in Spanish is always silent.)

But you can also say hello by using a greeting such as ‘good morning’.

So here are other ways to say hello in Spanish:

Buenos días – Good morning

Buenas tardes – Good afternoon

Buenas noches – Good evening


How to Say Green in Different Languages

Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Other, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh

Here’s how to say green in different languages:

Chinese – lǜ  (綠色)

Danish – grøn

Dutch – groen

Finnish – vihreä

French – vert

Greek – prásino (πράσινο)

German – grün

Haitian Creole – vèt

Icelandic – grænn

Irish – glas

Italian – verde

Japanese – midori (緑)

how to say green in Japanese - midori
Miss Midori (that’s Miss Green in Japanese) –

Norwegian – grønt

Portuguese – verde

Russian – zelenui (зеленый)

Spanish – verde

Swedish – grön

Vietnamese – xanh

Welsh – gwyrdd

How to Say Happy Mother’s Day in Portuguese


Wondering how to say Happy Mother’s Day in Portuguese? Here’s how:

Feliz dia da mãe

Feh-LEESS GEE-ah dah myŋ

Mãe is pronounced like the English word “my” but with a nasal sound at the end that’s similar to an “n” but not quite.

Just as with saying Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish, you will find some Portuguese speakers using the plural, Feliz Dia das Mães.

Das Mães is pronounced dahz myŋzs. Again, it is not really an “n” – try to make a nasal sound after “my.” The “s” at the end has a slight “z” sound while retaining the “s” sound.

Now you know how to say Happy Mother’s Day in Portuguese.