IF the only language you know is the one you absorbed so effortlessly as a baby, you will find that trying to learn a language as an adult is not child’s play. Far from it!

Choosing to learn Spanish is a great choice for you because it is arguably the easiest foreign language to adopt. And there are some things you can do to help you learn Spanish fast.

Top Ways to Learn Spanish Fast

Choose a high-quality Spanish language software program. It is essential to have Spanish learning books, but hearing the language being spoken while you are looking at the Spanish words and phrases will accelerate your skills. Some are almost as good as being in a classroom with a teacher because with the help of a microphone the computer software can assess how you are pronouncing the words.

Mexican Actress Maria Felix Relaxing on Set Between Scenes of "Juana Gallo"While you are doing your self-study with a Spanish language system, be sure to catch some Spanish TV. Even though you won’t be able to understand a lot, telenovelas are a hoot and hearing Spanish spoken at the speed native speakers use will begin to train your ears. Don’t be surprised when one day you realize you are getting a lot of what’s been said. Also watch the news in Spanish, which, with the graphics and headlines, is easier to figure out what is being talked about.

Another great way to learn Spanish fast is to make friends with some native speakers. Have them speak to you in Spanish, and insist that you do the same. You will get a feel for Spanish as it is spoken in the real world. How many people do you know speak English among friends the way it is taught in books? In the real world, there is slang and idiomatic expressions. There are shortcuts in speaking. And if your Spanish friends need some fine-tuning in English, they’ll appreciate your help, too.

Lastly, the fastest way to learn Spanish is to live in a place that speaks the language. This is not an option for most of us, but if you can get some rudimentary Spanish under your belt – basic grammar and vocabulary – even visiting a Spanish-speaking country for several weeks can do wonders for your learning curve. The thing is, you want to choose a smaller city that is not geared toward tourists. You want a place where everyone around you speaks Spanish, where all the signs, all the stores, all the newspapers, everything, is in Spanish. You want to immerse yourself in it. There are actually vacations you can take that include Spanish instruction.

So there you have it – the best ways to learn Spanish faster.

Image: Mexican actress Maria Felix relaxing on set of ‘Juana Gallo’ – Allposters.com