The Day of the Dead is an important holiday in Mexico, where it is observed on November 2.

It is actually a three-day fiesta that begins on Halloween.

It may sound morbid, but the Day of the Dead is a colorful and festive holiday.

It is a celebration of the lives the dearly departed and includes visits to the cemetery to clean up the grave sites and decorate them with marigolds, candles with images of skeletons or religious icons, photos of the deceased and an offering of their favorite food and drink.

Mexican families often make elaborately decorated shrines at home, as well, which can also include photos, flowers, sugar skulls and other food and drink.

The holiday is lively with parties, parades, music and dancing. Celebrants will often wear their best clothes and either paint their faces to resemble a skull or don a skull masks.

But the observance of the Day of the Dead varies throughout Mexico and can be quite different even from town to town.

Want to know how to say Day of the Dead in Spanish? It is Día de los Muertos. The Spanish phrase is pronounced dee-ah deh lohs mwair-tohs (try to roll that ‘r’!).

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