There are many, many words in English that are spelled the same or nearly the same as in Spanish or Italian that upon seeing the foreign word you know exactly what it means.

That is true of how to say fantastic in Italian and Spanish.

Fantastic in Italian is fantastico.

Fantastic in Spanish is fantástico. 

Both are pronounced fahn-tas-tee-ko and spelled the same apart from the accent over the second ‘a’ in the Spanish word.

learn Spanish fast with the classic book Madrigal's Magic Key to SpanishAs mentioned, there are literally thousands of words like this. For example, color, actor, probable, hotel, capital, flexible, error, legal, horrible, visible, canal are all Spanish words!

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From the book’s preface:

At this moment you know several thousand Spanish words even if you have never seen or heard a Spanish word before. You are not aware of these words because they have not been pointed out to you.

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