IF you want to learn Spanish, there is good news – you know more Spanish than you think!

The Spanish language shares many, many words with English, some spelled exactly the same way or are so similar you have to look twice to see it’s not an English word. This gives you a built-in vocabulary in Spanish and you will use that as your base.

Next, master the Spanish alphabet and in particular the pronunciation of the vowels. Unlike English and many other languages, Spanish words are said the way they are written. If you know the sounds the letters make, you know how to say the word.

How to Learn Spanish Learn some key Spanish phrases – useful stuff like ‘My name is Joe’, ‘Where is the bathroom?’ and ‘I would like a beer, please.’

Get jiggy with the grammar. Yes, grammar can be fun. Just keep telling yourself that if you don’t believe it. But more than fun, it’s important. And it’s not so different from English that it will make your head explode (for mind-blowing grammar try learning Japanese!).

Study the basic Spanish verbs and know how to conjugate them. Verbs like ‘to be’ – there are two of them in Spanish – ‘to have’, ‘to want’, ‘to like’, and so on. Think about things you are likely to want express and focus on those first. If you’re traveling, then understanding directions, times, numbers, food items and transportation is important.

And the last tip on how to learn Spanish is simply to relax. Don’t stress over getting your d’s or your r’s or anything else for that matter perfect. It won’t be at first. Who cares? Don’t let fear of embarrassing yourself stop you from practicing when the opportunity arises. As you begin to use the Spanish language and make yourself understood you will gain confidence and skill, and you will find yourself learning Spanish faster.


Image: Allposters.com