WHEN someone says to you thank you in Spanish, do you know how to respond? Here is how to say you’re welcome in Spanish.

There are several ways to respond to someone’s thanks. You can say very simply De nada. Pronounced deh nah-dah, the Spanish phrase translates literally into of nothing, so it is like saying, It was nothing.

Another way is to say No hay de qué (pronounced noh eye deh keh). This phrase roughly translates into don’t mention it.

You can say you’re welcome in Spanish by saying that whatever it is you are being thanked for was your pleasure to do. There are several ways to express this: Con gusto, con mucho gusto, mi placer or el placer es mío. These are all ways of saying it was my pleasure. Con gusto (pronounced kohn goo-stoh) literally stands for with pleasure. Mi placer (mee plah-ser) means my pleasure and el placer es mío means the pleasure is mine.

A perhaps old-fashioned or formal way is to say A la orden. It means at your service.

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Image: Allposters.com