THE Spanish language is a romance language – and what is more romantic than the words I love you? So how do you say I love you in Spanish? Very simply, the answer is: Te amo.

Te (pronounced teh) stands for you.

Amo (pronounced ah-moh, with the stress on the first syllable) stands for I love.

I love you in Spanish

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In Spanish, as in many other languages, it is not necessary to use the subject pronoun, in this case, the word I, because this information is indicated by the way the verb is conjugated. In this case the verb is amar, which is the infinitive form and means to love. The conjugation amo tells you that it is the first person pronoun.

While it is common not to use pronouns in conversation, it is perfectly correct and normal to include them when you speak Spanish, as well. The choice is yours.

How do you say I love you in Spanish including the subject pronoun? Yo te amo.

Te AmoNote that te amo or Yo te amo is a Spanish phrase typically reserved for use only with your lover. While in the English language, the verb to love is used to reflect a positive emotion towards lovers, spouses, friends, family, animals, toys, music, tv shows, food, shoes, shopping, dancing – basically, anything and everything that there is a strong desire, enjoyment or appreciation for, etc. – in Spanish there are other words used that are more appropriate for expressing this feeling toward other people, places, things and activities. Click here to learn another way of saying I love you in Spanish.

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