IF you want to know how do you say I love you in Spanish, you have to take into consideration the person you are planning to use your newly learned phrase on. If the person is your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, someone for whom you have romantic love, the phrase is te amo or yo te amo.

I love you in Spanish

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But if the person you want to declare your affection to is your grandmother or niece or best friend, then you would say te quiero or yo te quiero. Te quiero is also OK to say to a lover, by the way, but te amo is typically not appropriate to say to your child. While this may not be the case in every Spanish culture, anyone just starting to learn Spanish would do well to stick to this rule. Better safe than sorry!

Te quiero (pronounced teh kyeh-roh) comes from the verb querer, which is the infinitive form and means to want.  Te means you. The subject pronoun yo may or may not be used as you prefer because that information is included in the conjugation of the word itself. Quiero is the first person indicative of the verb querer.Take My Heart

While the literal translation is I want you, te quiero is how to say I love you in Spanish to anyone from friends to family to lovers. It does not imply lust, although it is possible to convey that feeling by tone of voice, expression of the eyes and, of course, the context in which it is spoken.

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