THE French for Mister is Monsieur.

It is pronounced, roughly, muh-SYER.

You would use it as you would mister, in English, as a title of respect and courtesy. It is also equivalent to Sir.

In English, mister is always abbreviated Mr. (It looks strange and just plain wrong spelled out, doesn’t it?) And in French, monsieur can also abbreviated – to M.

To address more than one gentleman, you would need to use the plural – Messieurs. Messieurs is pronounced, roughly, may-SYER. (In French the final “s” is silent in most cases, but is pronounced when the word following begins with a vowel or an “h,” which is also silent in French. This is called liaison.)

The word monsieur is derived from the Middle French words for “my lord” – mon sieur. Middle French was spoken from approximately 1340 to 1611.

Now you know the French for Mister.

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