Hello in Danish ~ (Audio)


The way to say hello in Danish is very simple and will sound familiar to English speakers.

The word is hej and it is pronounced very similarly to the informal English greeting hi.

Say ‘hej’ to ‘kaffe’ – Danes love their coffee!







You can also greet someone by saying goddag, which is pronounced very much like the English phrase good day and has the same meaning.

Other Danish greetings are godmorgen. This means good morning and is pronounced gu-morn.

In the evening, you would use godaften. This word means good evening and is pronounced gu-ahf-ten.

The Danish letter ‘d’ is similar to the letter in English in words like dag, which means day. But it often sounds more like an ‘l’ or a very soft ‘th’.

But you can hear that for yourself in the video below. Listen carefully at 1:07 and 1:19 for the ‘l’ sound in godaften and godmorgen.