LANGUAGE is connection. Without it, some form of it, we are isolated – even from ourselves. Imagine not have a way of describing your joys, your fears, your pain, your thoughts.

With 7.3 billion people on this great blue marble, none of us can really connect as much as is possible knowing just one language. How lovely to share a few words with a foreigner in their native tongue. How helpful is it to visit a foreign land and express for ourselves some basic needs or wants. How delightful to read something as high as a poem or something as mundane as a brochure in its original language!

planet earthWe love languages. If granted all the time in the world, we’d spend it learning all the languages of the world. We started Learn How To Say to share this love and hopefully inspire it in others – while teaching a phrase or two that may help them avoid ordering liver when they wanted lentils!

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