Spanish Words and Phrases


WHETHER you are learning Spanish to prepare for a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, to strengthen your job resume, or to just stimulate your mind, you will want to start with some basic Spanish words and phrases.

Good morningBuenos díasBWEH-nos DEE-as
Good afternoonBuenas tardesBWEH-nahs TAR-des
Good nightBuenas nochesBWEH-nahs NOH-chehs
Thank youGraciasGRAH-syahs
How are you?¿Cómo está?KOH-moh eh-STAH
Yes, please.Sí, por favor.SEE, por fah-BOR
No, thank you.No, gracias.NOH, GRAH-syahs
Excuse me.Disculpamedee-SKOOL-pah-me
I don't understand.No entiendonoh en-TYEHN-doh
How much is it?¿Cuanto cuesta?KWAN-toh KWEHS-tah
Where is . . .?¿Dónde está . . . ?DOHN-deh eh-STAH
Do you speak English?¿Habla usted inglés?AH-blah oo-STEHD een-GLEHS
Please write it down.Escríbalo, por, por fah-BOR
Can you help me?¿Puede ayudarme?PWEH-deh ah-yoo-DAR-meh

An easy way to memorize Spanish words and phrases is to use flashcards. Click here to read about Spanish flashcards.

How to Say Blue in Different Languages

Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Other, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh

Here is how to say blue in different languages:

Chinese - lán sè (蓝色)

Danish – blå

Dutch – blauwe

Finnish – sininen

French – bleu

Coeur Bleu pour Rever

German – blau

Greek – bleh (μπλε)

Haitian Creole – ble

Icelandic - blár

Irish - gorm

Italian – azzurro

Japanese - ao

Norwegian – blå

Portuguese – azul

Russian – siniĭ (синий)

Spanish – azul

Swedish - blå

Vietnamese – màu xanh

Welsh - glas

How to Say White in Different Languages

Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Other, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh

Here’s how to say white in different languages:

Chinese -  bái (白)

Danish - hvid

Dutch - wit

Finnish - valkoinen

French - blanc

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German - weiß (pronounced similar to the English word “vice”)

Greek - aspro (άσπρο)

Haitian Creole - blan

Icelandic - hvítt

Irish - bán

Italian - bianco

Japanese - shiro (白)

Norwegian - hvit

Portuguese – branco

Russian - belyĭ (белый)

Spanish – blanco

Swedish - vit

Vietnamese - trắng

Welsh - gwyn

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