How Do You Say Good Luck in Spanish?


WISHING someone good luck is as common in Spanish as it is in English. If you wanted to wish a Spanish-speaking friend well, here is how you would say good luck in Spanishbuena suerte.

Pronounced bweh-nah swer-teh, buena means good and suerte means luck, so this Spanish phrase is a straightforward translation. Or you could just simply say, with enthusiasm, ¡Suerte!

Luck, not surprisingly, figures into many other Spanish expressions.

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If you were having a bit of bad luck, you express that with the phrase mala suerte (pronounced mah-lah swer-teh). If you were down on your luck, you could say estoy de mala racha (pronounced eh-stoy deh mah-lah rah-cha). Racha stands for a gust of wind, but also a series or run, so that a this word is used in a similar expression, losing streak – racha perdedora (rah-cha per-deh-doh-rah).

A good luck charm is an amuleto de buena (pronounced ah-moo-leh-toh deh bweh-nah) or amuleto de la suerte (pronounced ah-moo-leh-toh deh lah swer-teh).

A stroke of luck is un golpe de suerte (pronounced oon gohl-peh deh swer-teh).

You have all the luck? You can then boast, Tengo toda la suerte (I have all the luck – pronounced tehn-goh toh-da lah swer-teh).

Now you know how to say good luck in Spanish. Learn how to say more words and phrases in Spanish.

I Love You in Portuguese


TO say I love you in Portuguese, say Eu te amo.

Eu te amo is pronounced (in Brazilian accent) eh-oo chee ah-moh.

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Now you know how to say I love you in Portuguese.

How to Say White in Different Languages

Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Other, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh

Here’s how to say white in different languages:

Chinese -  bái (白)

Danish - hvid

Dutch - wit

Finnish - valkoinen

French - blanc

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German - weiß (pronounced similar to the English word “vice”)

Greek - aspro (άσπρο)

Haitian Creole - blan

Icelandic - hvítt

Irish - bán

Italian - bianco

Japanese - shiro (白)

Norwegian - hvit

Portuguese – branco

Russian - belyĭ (белый)

Spanish – blanco

Swedish - vit

Vietnamese - trắng

Welsh - gwyn

Happy Valentines Day in French


IT’S almost Valentine’s Day – the perfect time to pick up a little français. So how do you say Happy Valentine’s Day in French?

It’s easy - Bonne Saint Valentin or Joyeuse Saint Valentin.

Bonne is pronounced bunn. Saint – sawn. Valentin – vah-len-tan. But the “n” in Saint and the final “n” in Valentin is more of a nasal sound and not really pronounced.

If you want to use joyeuse, that is zhwah-yuhzz.
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Now you know how to say Happy Valentine’s Day in French.

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